ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.
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    How innovative is Europe?

    Eight out of ten jobs in the EU are created by small and medium-sized companies – but building them can be a challenge. Only 50% of start-ups survive the first five years.

    Although Europe includes five of the top ten most innovative countries in the world, as a region its innovation capabilities and overall competitiveness lag behind those of key competitor countries.

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    Bristol Power Co-op's second share offer

    Bristol Power Co-op has now opened their second share offer. Here's what they have to say:

    'We've waited until we have homes ready for solar in south Bristol before promoting it. Now we have 10 homes ready to go, which will match what we did last year in Lockleaze. There are more in the pipeline, too, and we plan to do far better by putting free solar on 125 homes, which is why we are aiming for £500,000 with our share offer. '

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    Watch this new video about the Covenant of Mayors

    An informative, delightful introduction to the Covenant of Mayors and its work around Europe.

Congratulations to Kisielice, Poland, winner of the 2014 ManagEnergy Award!

The Commune of Kisielice in Poland has used the finance from wind farms on its unused agricultural land to invest in sustainable energy generation and heating systems for the community. The Commune has achieved energy self sufficiency while providing revenue for its farmers who supply waste farm residues for the biogas plant.

Read about their project here.

  • 1 Oct

    Supporting cycling for liveable cities
    This networking event will set out arguments, strategies and tools for elected representatives and technical staff from cities to invest in cycling infrastructure, and to support the development of a flourishing cycling culture, by presenting innovativ...
  • 8 Oct

    Innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewabl...
    This conference will focus on the detailed presentation of 8 successful projects across Europe, which are developing new ways to set up and finance investments in public buildings, street lighting and housing.
  • 9 Oct

    The energy transition at local level: its economic imp...
    This event will: showcase the positive impact of energy transition policies on local economies and illustrate them with concrete examples. Show how various stakeholders are involved in the local green growth development; Provide local authorities with ...
  • 23 Oct

    Local policies, science and advocacy for cycling
    This workshop will bring together cities, cycling advocates and researchers for the promotion of the most efficient human renewable energy-based transport mode: cycling. The focus of the event will be on how to use scientific facts & figures on cyclin...

Latest Articles

Financing solutions for local governments

Published at 30 Jun 2014

Local authorities are taking an increasingly active role in bringing about a clean energy future. Their biggest worry: how to finance their efforts. To learn more about the increasing diversity of funding options available to local governments, ManagEnergy will be in Paris later this week at the exciting Financing Urban Development Conference hosted by the Resolutions to Fund Cities program. 

Highlights from the 2014 ManagEnergy Conference

Published at 25 Jun 2014

The 2014 ManagEnergy Annual Conference was held on the morning of 24 June, the first session of EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014. Jointly organised with the Covenant of Mayors and Smart Cities & Communities, this year’s conference was once again very well attended (more than 350 participants plus web streaming) and focused on the problem of energy poverty, the role of local and regional authorities in addressing it through energy efficiency and other means, and innovative financing solutions for sustainable energy projects at the local and regional level.