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VaasaEmg, University of Vaasa

Nordic Centre for Expertise in Energy and Utilities Marketing

General Info

VaasaEmg conducts high quality independent research into customer behaviour and marketing relating to renewable electricity.

VaasaEmg's objective is to bring together academic and practical expertise to solve renewable electricity marketing challenges through marketing research. They aim to substantially increase the demand for renewable electricity through the development and dissemination of highly practical marketing strategies and market policy suggestions. They research customers in various countries and aim to understand transnational similarities and differences. The location of VaasaEmg in Finland however, makes them especially relevant to the Nordic Region.

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer Behaviour
  • Customer Psychology
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Deregulated Competition

Target audience:

  • Electric utilities interested in developing markets for renewable electricity
  • Market authorities
  • Renewable interest groups and energy agencies
  • Academics interested in customer behaviour, marketing and market policy relating to renewable eectricity