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General Info

Gefosat is a technical non-profit organisation, which aims to promote energy savings and the use of renewable energies. The organisation was founded in 1978 and is located in the south of France, in the city of Mèze, near to Montpellier.

Gefosat is known for its work during the 1990s in the field of Bioclimatics and dynamic simulation. In partnership with the polytechnic school of Paris and the National Agency for environment and energy saving, the organisation began the development of a software named PLEIADES+COMFIE. This software aims to analyse passive solar design and thermal comfort by dynamic simulation and was one of the first softwares of its type in France to be able to quantify energy savings and the impact of renewable energy on buildings. The software is used widely by engineering and design agencies in France and abroad.

Some of major activities of Gefosat include:

  • An information centre with an answering service, advice service for the public,
  • Organising visits, conferences, short trainings, information displays etc.
  • Carrying out studies and diagnoses such as on municipality buildings and to define the local potential for energy savings and renewable energies.

In the area of energy and fuel poverty, Gefosat managed an experimental project aiming to prevent this condition and to help manage the payment of energy bills. Diagnostics are carried out within each household and recommendations drawn up.

Gefosat has been involved in the publication of various documents, for both professionals and individuals, including the book "la maison des [nega]watts", written by two experts of Gefosat in 1999.