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Division for Electricity and Lightning Research

Uppsala University, Dept of Engineering Sciences

General Info

Traditionally, the research and educational activities at the Uppsala University, Dept of Engineering Sciences, Division for Electricity and Lightning Research are directed mainly in solving the problems associated with the interaction of atmospheric electrical discharges, with an emphasis on lightning discharges, with power, telecommunication and electronic systems.

In addition to this conventional research area, a new education and research area related to the energy conversion or storage of electromagnetic, electrostatic or electrical power is being created at the department. Basically, the new education is based on the utilisation of Maxwell's electromagnetic equations in industrial applications. Students who follow this line of education gain the knowledge in the conventional as well as alternative energy generation and transmission techniques. Moreover, this line of education generates engineers with the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of modern society which demands environmental friendly energy at a low cost. The research work in this area is concentrated on the creation of environmental friendly electrical energy production.

The Division is developing a project (working title: Ångström Energy Park) that aims to develop and demonstrate renewable energy, energy saving and energy storage in a comprehensive and integrated fashion.

Target audience: General Public, students, local and national Authorities, Politicians, End users, Industry & Builders etc.