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REA - Renewable Energy Association

General Info

The Renewable Energy Association was established in 2001 to represent British renewable energy producers and promote the use of sustainable energy in the UK. The REA was originally called the Renewable Power Association until October 2005.

The Renewable Energy Association is a trade association open to all companies supportive of the UK renewable energy industry. As well as biomass, biogas, tidal, wave, solar, marine technology, wind, hydro and energy from waste generators, there are members who specialise in the production of fuels and heat from renewable sources. Members also include equipment and service providers to the renewable energy industry, such as law firms, consultants, financiers, equipment manufacturers and supply agents.

The perspective of the RPA is that of the producer, regardless of fuel source and technology. It concentrates upon generic issues and common barriers whilst advocating a diverse range of Renewable Power development. Three aspects drive its efforts:

  • Political Lobbying to create an environment conducive to Renewable Energy development
  • Communication to governments, the media and the public
  • Provision of Services to members