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Terra Humana Clean Technology Engineering Ltd

General Info

Terra Humana Clean Technology Engineering Ltd aims to develop clean solid multi fuel applications for CHP production - in any range of less than 300 MW power capacities - by application of the following concepts:
  • preventive pretreatment of combined solid multi fuels for removal of hazardous air pollutants prior burning, e.g. rather prevention than end of pipe solution,
  • combine renewable biomass and clean coal,
  • by preventive pretreatment provide flexible modular technology to meet alternative fuel designs, e.g. improve locally available fuel selection options,
  • improve the cost efficiency of the green power production,
  • provide regional / local decentralized solutions,
  • develop '3R' (recycle, reduce, reuse) clean energy technology solution by modular performance to offer solutions from small to medium sized systems, flexibly as per local demand,
  • perform near zero emission system,
  • decrease GHG effect,
  • recycle and reuse byproducts, and
  • provide safer, better, faster and less costly solutions than other known comparative solutions

Areas of expertise: renewable biomass technology application, engineering clean coal technology application engineering, solid fuel pretreatment and utilization engineering and manufacturing.

Target audience: industry, communities, renewable biomass producers, coal industry, steel industry.