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Alteren Ενέργεια και Περιβάλλον Α.Ε.


Alteren Energy & Environment SA

General Info

Alteren Energy & Environment SA is a consulting firm providing services both to the public and the private sector in the field of Energy & Environmental Analysis and Planning. The company was founded at Thessaloniki - Greece in 1992, by engineers experienced in alternative energy methods and systems such as Energy Conservation and Rational Use of Energy (RUE) for industries, SMEs and buildings, application of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), reduction of environmental impacts of technology and advance of new technologies in industry, agriculture and residence.

It is working in the field of RUE, RES, and specifically in Energy Conservation, Energy & Environmental Management Systems and Energy & Eco-Auditing since 1992, with the purpose of assisting industry and organisations to implement energy and environmental investment projects. It has established working relations with the industry, the public sector, as well as with research and academic institutes.

Alteren's main activities are rendering of Technical Consulting Services (NACE code 74.20) specialised in the field of:

  • Energy Technologies;
  • Alternative Energy Systems;
  • RES (Photovoltaics, Wind generators, Solar thermal installations, Biomass, Small Hydropower);
  • Energy Conservation in industry and buildings;
  • Large-scale Electrical and Mechanical installations in buildings and industrial applications;
  • Environmental Management Systems;
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.

Alteren offers professional services to the private (industries, hotels, etc.) and public sector (national, regional, local authorities).