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Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Norte Alentejano e Tejo


General Info

AREANATejo - Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Norte Alentejano e Tejo was established in 2001 with the mission to promote energy efficiency and the use of endogenous resources in North Alentejo and mid-Tagus, taking into account the environment protection and the society's economical progress aiming to a local sustainable development.  

The main activity areas of AREANATejo are:


  • Energy Efficiency (AudiCoBT - Commercial Audits to Energy Consumption Contracts; SEMALEDs - LEDs for Traffic Lights; ILUPub - Improvement of Public Lighting Energy Efficiency; AuditEnER - Energy Diagnosis; RePECEE - Network for Electricity Efficiency)
  • Renewable Energies (EoloNAMT - Wind Energy; SolaNAMT - Photovoltaic Solar Energy; SolAcqua - Thermal Solar Energy)


  • Resources Management (AuditAcqua - Water Consumption Audits; TURGreen - Environmental Friendly Tourism; ECOnstroi - Ecological Construction; MEKUS - e-learning platform on environmental education; PeSCoS - Personalised Sustainability Coaching for SME; ALTERCEXA - Cross-border Cooperation on Renewable Energies)
  • Ecological Footprint (CO2Zero - Neutral CO2 Region; SGAmbi - Environmental Best Practices)


  • Environmental Education
  • Events and Training Actions

The main goal of the agency is to endeavour to achieve a neutral CO2 region. Thus, it has the mission to promote and develop activities that contribute to a major energy efficiency and a major use of endogenous resources, to develop projects and methods for a rational use of energy and resources and to disseminate best available techniques and procedures aiming to promote a local sustainable development.