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General Info

Geospower is a specialized consulting professional equipment in power subjects, natural resources and infrastructure, established in the market, since 1999. The integration of these sectors proposes a modern and robust business chain, by using wide information of quality in renewable, social, economic, financial and environmental resources.

Design, innovation and introduction of new technologies are formed according to requirements of a sustainable power community, in other words, the rational use of energy, accessible, safe and of quality. Geospower Energy has oriented efforts in the construction of territorial base, the prospection and use of geotermales fields, production of biogas and use of remainders for the production of new products. At infrastructure level, Geospower orients its objectives to the transaction of GEI under protocol MDL, chains of value, operation manuals and commercial management with product suppliers and services of power and environmental sector.

Areas of expertise:

  • energy business development
  • geothermal and sources of energy explorations
  • geographic information system
  • fuels and biofuels databases
  • combined heat & power
  • biomass and bioenergy technology
  • economics of energy
  • process simulation
  • powerplants design
  • solids waste management
  • e-logistic: fuel, electricity & gas transport