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South Cambridgeshire District Council

General Info

South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) covers an area of approximately 90,000 hectares and has a low population density. Although the total population of the District is over 130,000, this is comprised of 101 villages.

The accessibility together with the economic success of the Cambridge area in building up a high technology employment sector has created a buoyant local economy whose performance in jobs and wealth creation is well above the national average. The District includes the internationally renowned Cambridge Science Park. Local family run service type businesses are distributed around the district.

The overall environmental aim of the Local Plan is to preserve the biodiversity, historic interest and special character of the landscape and settlements of South Cambridgeshire and to achieve new development, which respects and reinforces local distinctiveness. In doing this, a contribution will be made towards the protection of the regional, national and global environment.

The Cambridgeshire Structure Plan forecasts that the population of the District will grow to approximately 141,500 persons by the middle of the year 2006. The Structure Plan proposes that this will require the development of an additional 11,300 dwellings concentrated in the larger and better-served villages. SCDC is a property owner in its own right and is responsible for housing stock.