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Miasto Pniewy

General Info

Pniewy is a small town with about 12,000 inhabitants situated in the centre of the Wielkopolska Voyvodship, about 50 km from the capital City of Poznan. The 700-year old city is located at the international transport route Berlin - Warsaw - Moscow. The town is quite well represented by economic activity, with more than 600 enterprises it forms the centre of business for the region. The dominant industry in the city is related to wood production (wood products, wood manufacturing, and furniture production) and building constructions.

As a large-scale energy customer, the town of Pniewy shows much interest in energy efficiency and is actively involved with renewable energy solutions. The municipality owns an energy company that is interested in the energy service concept and is much affiliated with local solutions that can contribute to climate protection or avoiding further climate change. Because of the very attractive location and surrounding, the city is striving for a better development in the field of tourism.

The ambition of the city officials and authorities is to enable and promote sustainable development, which would allow simultaneous economic development, but at the same time not compromising the local folklore and the state of the environment. With the unemployment rate of 11% this is a challenge, however the local authorities are doing their utmost, by active participation in projects and initiatives which may bring solutions to the problems of the city and the region.