Royal Haskoning

Year created: 1 No of staff: 2900

Sources of Funding

30% - European
30% - National
05% - Regional
05% - Local
30% - Private

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Senior Consultant Ton VAN DER KNIJFF

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General Info

Royal Haskoning aims to advise clients facing questions in the field of energy production, distribution and consumption.

Specific objectives:

  • Royal Haskoning aims to contrubute to EU-goals with respect to decrease CO2-emissions. The energy challenge of the future is directed to tackle climate change by means of reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. On EU-level 12% reduction in 2010, see Energy White Paper. Global energy demand is expected to double and energy producers / customers will need to seek ways of meeting this challenge, whilst minimising the effect on the environment and still doing business in a profitable way
  • Royal Haskoning prefers to assist each client who faces the question which benefits can be achieved from efficient energy use.
  • Royal Haskoning will take into account cost effective solutions in relation to state of the art.


  • international experience with energy conversion technology
  • policy making and technological knowledge of energy and project implementation
  • renewable energy technology (wind turbines, photo-voltaic (PV) systems, geothermal, water, biomass (incineration, gasification) and waste
  • carbon credit emission trade
  • thermodynamic optimisation in the process industry
  • optimisation of the energy infrastructure
  • CHP: combined heat and power generation and heat utilisation
  • energy saving technology and monitoring
  • training and awareness campaigns

Clients of Royal Haskoning can be found in:

  • industry,
  • energy sector (production, distribution, consumption),
  • governments (international, national, regional, local).

When effective, joint approaches are applied with universities, suppliers, etc.