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RBA - Russian Biofuel Association

General Info

During the three years from 2000-2003, six enterprises reclaiming the logging waste and producing wood pellets appeared in the Leningrad region; and the number of such plants is increasing. However the impetus given to the development of this direction is still not enough for its successful advancement. The basic stock of all these 6 companies is the facilities of Russian investors. No foreign companies has yet invested in such a project, notwithstanding the shown interest.

However the beginning of the trade operations and the receipts from sales of products afford an opportunity of development even to these enterprises. New plants are being created with the usage of European producers' equipment. The granulation lines produced by such well-known companies an Munch, CPM and SM were also bought and it hold out a hope of improving the product quality, increase of output and effectiveness of the production process.

Russian Biofuel Association (RBA)

In the described above situation the pellet producers made a decision to team up and at the end of August 2003 the memorandum of the RBA was signed. The main objectives of the association are:

  • adoption of the quality standards and the order of certification of the product, the product quality control
  • the assistance to the members of the Association in the line management, in the receipt of necessary technical information and advice.
  • close cooperation with the scientific institutes working in this field
  • biofuel native market grouping and promotion of the Russian product on the international market
  • lobbying of the producers' interests at government level and legislative bodies
  • communication with other European associations, assistance to them in solving all the questions of the work connected to the Russian Federation
  • assistance to the members of the Association in attraction of the credits and investments

All the known producers of pellets in Russia became members of RBA:

Company Annual Capacity 2003 References
SALOTTI Ltd 20'000t The company is planning to open 2 more pellet mills in North-West Russia
Ecotech Ltd 25'000t  
Ecoresources Company 15'000t  
Biofuel Ltd 15'000t  
Biotech Ltd 15'000t  
RosPoliTehLes Ltd 25'000t  

Transport and logistics

In view of the transport remoteness of the producers from the main consumers of the biofuel and much of the Russian Federation, great transportation charges arise. Because of this fact all the first plants were located in a short distance from the Saint-Petersburg port, some of them were built on the shores of the navigable rivers and this allows to make river-marine vessel shipment. The problem of transportation makes the remote forest regions unattractive for biofuel production. It would become possible only with the development of the international transportation corridors, more consistent attitude of the government toward the reclamation of the logging waste and appearance of the native biofuel market.


The bioenergetics in Russia made its first, the most difficult steps, and it continues its development. Russian producers use the experience of the European countries, where it is possible, and from the very beginning they began to act in cooperation and try to integrate into already existing European structures. Together, they accumulate experience in new biofuel industry engineering, create relationships with the final buyers, work out transportation schemes, work on the creation of the domestic market of biofuel. The costs for the success are high, what one enterprise can't fulfill, the members of the association will do together.