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PRenergia Ltd

General Info

PRenergia, the First Hungarian Public Relations Consultancy and Services for the Power Industry, provides professional Public Relations services based on significant global Public Relations experience. A blend of innovation using the best international experience suited to the Hungarian cultural framework, PRenergia Ltd provides expert Public Relations counsel in conjunction with its parent company, Ferenczi & Ferenczi Ltd.

Ferenczi and Ferenczi Ltd, founded in 1991, specializes in business and engineering services as well as the representation of foreign companies in the Hungarian market.

As a division of Ferenczi and Ferenczi Ltd., PRenergia has been working as a Public Relations consultancy in the Hungarian Power Industry since 1993, when according to Government Regulation No. 146, public hearing programmes relating to power plant development were first organized. In the meantime, it has achieved a leading position in many different capacities within the energy industry.

In 1999, PRenergia Ltd. was formed. The company concentrates on the development of public relations activities. By virtue of in-depth experience, it is well prepared to meet the challenges that many companies currently face in the Hungarian energy market. In the recent 12 years we have developed sophisticated strategies to fit the principles of communication to the energy issues involved in Hungary's power resources and provision.

Areas of expertise:

  • Public Relation Programmes
  • Corporate Counseling and PR Strategies
  • Public Affairs
  • Media relations
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Employee Communications
  • Executive Counseling
  • Computer Graphics and Modeling (including Internet Applications) Meeting Arrangements
  • Communications Training, Cross Cultural Training.
  • Design, Graphic and Printing Services
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Public Relations for Investment

Target audience: Utilities, Investors, Manufacturers, Authorities, Local Governments, NGOs.