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Kent Sustainability Group

General Info

To work in partnership with Creative Environmental Networks (CEN) and Global Renewable Energy Partners (GREP) to: 1. Construct a Centre for Sustainability and Interpretation of the Kentish Flats Wind Farm. This will include: a. An interactive exhibition and showcase for integrated renewable energy systems, which will combine entertainment and education to demystify sustainability and show the full benefits of current and future technologies b. An education space and a resource centre € a €one-stop shop€ with a database of resources, grants and agencies, to support people who wish to move toward sustainable living. c. A catering and retail space, to create income for the Centre 2. Set up a facilitation and support service, with staff and associates available to provide: i. Educational courses and events ii. Access to resources and expertise, and a signposting service to other resources iii. A base for a target: 1. The target market for the exhibition part of the Centre will be tourists (both local residents and visitors to the region), people with an interest in sustainable technology and schools. 2. The Resource Centre will be used by students, teachers, potential consumers of alternative technologies, tradesmen etc. Training courses will attract people interested in renewable energy and alternative technologies from all over the UK. 3. The Café will be open to all visitors and passers by, as will the retail operation. 4. The renewable energy installations will involve 24 community centres within Kent, and the programme for installation of household systems will target their surrounding communities 5. The Sustainable Transport facilities will be available to all who live in the area and will be heavily marketed to outside visitors, in order to minimise the impact of tourist visits to the Centre and to Whitstable generally. AreasOfExpertise: changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, promotion of technology, off-shore wind farms, solar energy, energy efficiency in buildings