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Centro de Estudios de Termoenergetica Ambiental

Universidad Central de Las Villas

General Info

The goals of the CEETA Scientific Center are:
  • To develop advanced, basic and applied investigations through projects in the field of the energy & the preservation of the environment, implementing the sources of renewable energy and elevating the energy efficiency in industrial processes.
  • To contribute to elevate the technical scientific level of the professionals, by means of the Post graduate education of high quality and the extensionists activities of the university, contributing in this way to create a professional ethics and a high scientist - technological and humanist formation of the professionals.

In the social context, the scientist technique and extensionists activity of the Center play a fundamental paper in the development of the Cuban society, the thematics related with the use of the sugar cane biomass for the electricity cogeneration and heat, the development of the Small Hydro Power Plants, the eolic energy.

CEETA was created in 1992, with the name of Center of Sugar Termoenergetics Studies (CETA), as one of the 11 investigation centers belonging to the Central University of Las Villas. In the beginning, CETA acquired its name due to the strong component of investigations that is carried out in the central part of the country in the sugar sector, in specific the related with the energy and its industrial applications. The first works were related with the use of the biomass like fuel in the sugar factories. At the present time the center still has this work line. By the middle of the decade of the 90, the center began to work in the development of other Renewable Energy sources and also the Environmental Studies were introduced in the works line of the center. From that time until the present time, the work of the Center has been profiled toward the studies of Energy Efficiency, Development of the Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Technologies.