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Steinbeis Transfercenter STZ 594, Freiburg

General Info

STZ offers extensive consultancy service within projects and companies along the economic value-added chain: new technologies process, methods and systems financing and shareholding regional economic development tourism management marketing products management sales

The following facts, figures and graphics provide a snapshot of the expertise and resources we were able to make available to and with their clients in the year 2002.

EUR 89 million income
22.253 projects
4,211 staff
525 Steinbeis Transfer Centers

Customers: more than 10,000 per year: companies, private, governmental, profit and non-profit organisations of all sizes and areas of business, individuals.

Projects: more than 20,000 per year. They are mainly related to more than 340 Steinbeis Transfercenters at Universities.

Competence: in all fields of technology, technology transfer and management.