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Centre for Aplication of Renewable Energy of the Orthodox Academy

General Info

The Centre for Aplication of Renewable Energy of the Orthodox Academy concentrates on providing education and information and consultancy about renewable energy and its possibilities in the Czech Republic. The Academy further provides consultancy and studies for those institutions and individuals that want to use renewable energy resources (wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, small biomass). The Academy operates several facilities - 100 kW wind power station Fuhrlander FL100, two solar thermal installations 1000L and 500L, two photovoltaic installations 1200 W grid on and 115 W grid off and biomass heating - pellets - for its environmental offices 25kW. The Academy organises seminars and educational courses on renewable energy and shows its applications to various technical schools and public partners. The only traditional renewable resource which is missing is a water power station. The Academy is seeking a grant which would allow it to go into small hydro and to have its own demonstration, but real and working, water power station - about 20.000 Euro is needed. The main aim is to demonstrate real possibilities of renewable energy in the Czech Republic and to demonstrate its advantages.

Areas of expertise:

  • Well developed courses on Renewable Energy - from one day to one week
  • Consultancy, projects and studies on solar thermal, photovolkaics, small biomass and wind.
  • Practical experiences with operating medium size wind, solar, photovoltaic and small biomass plant.

Target audience:

  • Secondary schools with technical specification
  • National and regional decission makers
  • Potentional builders and users of renewable technologies (private and public)
  • General public