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IIS - International Innovation Services Limited

General Info

International Innovation Services Limited (IIS Ltd) is a UK national centre of excellence for new energy technology working with agencies and companies from across the UK and Europe in all sectors of renewable energies. Services include technology commercialisation; business support; funding and investment and training.

Areas of expertise: innovation; technology transfer; network development; inward investment.

Target audience: SMEs; large organisations; government bodies.

Specific Projects LIFE-IC

IIS Ltd is under contract to deliver a technology park and support for energy innovation, based in Sheffield. The project, called LIFE-IC, is focused upon research, development and commercialisation of emerging technologies in the area of renewable energy and low-carbon technologies. It is also identifying energy and fuel cell projects and companies that are seeking to undertake technological applications, or manufacturing facilities development, that may wish to access South Yorkshire Objective 1 funding.

Where the commercialisation takes place in South Yorkshire, LIFE-IC can provide funding for energy projects at the level of 40 per cent (revenue). Should the project go into full commercialisation, capital expenditure grants are available of up to 35 per cent of the investment. Seed and venture funding are readily available to enable full commercialisation.

Click on the link below for information on the EC-funded project Renew-Transnet.