V.I.P. card

Municipality of Heerlen

General Info

Heerlen is an energy town. The economy of the town was based on the coal that was mined for about 100 years. After the closure (30 years ago) of the coalmines, Heerlen had a very difficult period. Now they are building a bridge from the past to the future. They are respecting the word that people did in the past and trying to use the old mineshafts for sustainable warmth. On the other hand, they try to inform people about energy from the past (the town's identity) to form new projects that concern energy saving (RUE) and sustainable energy (RES).

Areas of expertise:

  • All the activities mentioned above;
  • Clear communication (about climate change);
  • Solar energy for schools and making education programmes for childeren;
  • research and development for new energy sources;
  • other related areas.
Target audience:
  • All the inhabitants of the town (approximately 100.000)
  • The industries and firms
  • All the schools
  • project developers
  • social housing companies
  • etc.