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ZREU - Zentrum für rationelle Energieawendung und Umwelt GmbH


Centre for Rational Use of Energy and Environment Limited

General Info

The objectives of ZREU include:
  • the efficient use of energy and resources;
  • the development and demonstration of new technologies for rational energy generation and use to implement renewable energies on a broad basis to facilitate the financing of projects using regional, federal and EU funds to actively influence technological progress and innovation;

ZREU operates as an advice centre for public and private clients, works as OPET for the European Commission DG TREN and manages research and demonstration projects. As a consulting company ZREU is active both nationally and internationally and as an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) ZREU co-ordinates international projects on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology.

Long-term relationships with its clients and world-wide cooperation with leading scientific institutes are the key elements which help ZREU achieving its aims. This means:

  • working on a partnership basis with customers;
  • giving comprehensive advice;
  • working on joint solutions;
  • fair project planning and engineering;
  • management of national and international projects;
  • assistance to assure the financing;
  • operation of energy plants on behalf of customers.

ZREU has been a member of the OPET-Network since 1991 and has been the co-ordinator of the Cross-Border OPET Bavaria-Austria since 1996. ZREU operates comprehensive advice centres and informs and consults private clients, companies and public institutions in its offices in Regensburg and Brussels.

ZREUs services include:

  • information and advice about EU-support programmes in the energy and transport sector;
  • international co-operation;
  • advice for the preparation and submission of competitive EU-project proposals;
  • organisation of workshops and conferences on innovative energy technologies;
  • market surveys;
  • promotion of successfully demonstrated technologies;
  • further vocational training for engineers, technicians, caretakers etc.;
  • organisation of technical site visits; edition of brochures and videos;
  • further information dissemination activities.

In the field of planning, design and engineering ZREU's main clients are districts, cities and municipalities, as well as industrial and trade sectors. ZREU's design work includes innovative projects in the following fields:

  • Technical equipment for buildings: heating, ventilation/air conditioning, sanitation, electrical systems, lighting, measuring and control technique.
  • Energy generation and use: combined heat and power plants, heat pumps, district heating systems, energy management systems.