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Electras Nova

General Info

Electras Nova is an independent consulting company in Slovenia, specialising in power and gas markets consulting. Electras Nova, provide solutions to its clients' issues regarding the challenges posed by open power markets. Apart from the energy sector at the branch level, it also has expertise in the end user market situation. It is familiar with the issues, needs and considerations arising on this level.

Areas of expertise: Electras Nova provides consulting and offers solutions to companies willing to improve their level of social responsibility, by providing the following services: Benchmarking, SWOT analyses, support in incorporating social responsibility into operation of a company, cost-efficiency estimations of a company's operation from the aspect of minimising costs and increasing income and profit respectively, informing the interested public about social responsibility, assistance with reporting on social responsibility.

Target audience: Electras Nova's operation is particularly focused on the markets of Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Germany, as well as on the markets of the Balkan area and other European countries. By thoroughly analysing complex power market situations (from the legal, financial, technical, market, political and other points of view) it is able to provide answers and find optimal solutions to its clients' issues, as well as to point out their opportunities.