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International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy

General Info

The goal of ENERGIA is to contribute to the empowerment of rural and urban poor women through a specific focus on energy issues.

ENERGIA's strategies:

  • Building the capabilities of network members, focal points, policy makers, planners and project implementers to integrate gender and energy concerns into sustainable development,
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of organisations and individuals committed to and working in gender and energy in sustainable development to operate as a strong network,
  • Advocacy and advice to policy makers and planners on mainstreaming gender and energy in sustainable development policies and programmes at the national, regional and international level and
  • Deepening the understanding of the energy, gender and sustainable development linkage through analysis of existing literature and case study research and using the findings to improve project, programme and policy design.

Areas of expertise: The target group of the project is three-fold. Rural and urban poor women are the final beneficiaries, but they are not directly involved in the envisaged activities. Two categories can be distinguished as target groups who are direct beneficiaries and are involved in the activities:

  • Policy makers, planners and project implementers of the government institutions, NGOs, networks, multi- and bilateral donors, and private companies; and
  • Network members as partners actively taking part in programme activities, who receive support for enhancement of capabilities, institution building of the sub-networks and for gender mainstreaming in their own organisations.