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Institute for Automation Bucharest

Dept for Energy and Environmental Protection

General Info

The Dept for Energy and Environmental Protection of the Institute for Automation Bucharest aims to:
  • develop projects focus on Energy efficiency, Noxious Emission mitigations, low cost systems -to promote Clean Technology desideratum in all its projects;
  • to develop multi-disciplinary project, including Integrated Enery Solutions.

Areas of expertise:

  • Over 10 years in RTD European projects in the field of Energy and Environmental protection;
  • over 15 years experience in Computerized Systems for Burning Monitoring and Diagnosis, Expert systems for Clean Technologies and Energy Efficiency;
  • over 10 years experience in Noxious Emissions Management Systems, including reporting and computerized systems;
  • Informatic Systems for Green House Gases Effect mitigation;
  • Multimedia Information Systems;
  • over 25 years experience in Design, Erecting, Commissioning for Thermal Power Plants:
  • automation / informatic systems, protection, signalling, Efficiency of Burning, Noxious Emissions, Clean Combustion;
  • certificate for visa / inspection for Environmental Protection / Energy Efficiency;
  • Know-How and Technological Transfer;
  • automation systems design € engineering: control loops, control and interlocking, monitoring, alarms, signalling, central control rooms philosophy;
  • vocational training and e-learning activities;
  • Technical expertise for risk factors evaluation;
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops.

Target audience:

  • partners with complementay profile in the field of Integrated Energy solutions
  • Energy Services SMEs, both from EU and CEECs
  • Research institutes, both from EU and CEECs
  • Energy consultances company-EU