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Natural Electric Srl

General Info

The activities of Natural Electric Srl include:
  • Project and construction of Wind power Stations, Hydroelectric Power Stations, Photovoltaic Power plants and Solar Thermal Systems for Coproduction of Energy and for the Desalination of the sea water.
  • Hydrogen production from Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Inverse Osmosys and Ultrafiltration of water for drinkable water supplies.
  • Co-founder Member and Vice President of Associazione H2IT - Italian Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell.

Areas of expertise:

  • Engineering construction and management of Electric power stations: hydroelectric power stations, Wind farms all type and dimension, including offshore, Photovoltaic power systems grid connected and standing alone, Thermal solar systems including over 500oC cogeneration power plants.
  • Pickshaving, accumulation of electric energy including Fuel Cell systems, large capacity siled accumutator systems and hydroelectric pumping power stations.
  • Electric NET Transmission development and management.
  • Naval advanced propulsion systems design.
  • EEODEC: Ecological, Energy Oriented, Design Concept.

Target audience:

  • Electric energy management.
  • Trading, realization of electric power plants, production and distribution of the Electric energy, of Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Oxygen and of drinkable Water.
  • Installations for the monitoring and protection of the Environment and of the Territory.
  • Telecommunications nets, with electronics hardware and software, Technical support, supply, purchase and sale of the relative electronic components.
  • Advisory Services and Consultation to the Public Administrations.