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Norsk Energi

Norwegian Association of Energy Users and Suppliers

General Info

Norsk Energi is a center of excellence providing workable and economic solutions to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy for both industries and municipalities.

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy
    • Energy based on electricity, oil, gas, biomass fuels, coal and refuse.
    • Supply, such as energy and heat distribution plants, distribution plants for liquids and gas and heat exchange systems.
    • Process (onshore and offshore), which comprises boiler plants, steam and condensate systems, hot water plants, warm water plants, drier- and evaporation plants, process cooling systems, waste heat utilization and automation.
    • Energy economisation within industry, buildings and offshore installations.
    • Heating, ventilation and sanitation for industry and domestic housing; heating and refrigeration plants.
    • Thermal power plants with steam, gas or diesel.
    • Pipe and pressure vessels for industrial and offshore use.
  • Environment
    • Reports on environmental plans, environmental analysis, life cycle analysis, calculations of diffusion and evaluation of recipient and treatment of refuse.
    • Engineering projects such as gas cleaning, water, refuse and biomass treatment.

Target audience: Industry, Municipalities, Local, regional and national governments.