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General Info

EPC SA is a consulting company authoring numerous power industry organization solutions.

As the daughter company of the Polish Power Grid Company (PSE SA) and thanks to its professional offer, EPC SA is one of the leaders of the traditional energy market in Poland.

EPC SA provides advice, expertise and technical consultancy on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Power management (electricity, heat, gas) - planning development, upgrading of networks, technical and economic analyses based on the market conditions, feasibility studies and investment appraisals, various audits
  • Energy law - Energy Law act amendment drafts, act regulations, transmission system operation and maintenance instructions, grid codes, energy market models, including balancing mechanism
  • Energy market - consultancy relating to energy trading and purchase optimization in various market segments, brokerage, tariffs, energy competitiveness analyses, marketing research
  • Electricity generation - market decision support systems, analyses of the connected sources impact on the transmission system, cogeneration, renewable (esp. wind and biomass), distributed sources, new generation sources construction effectiveness and optimum location analyses, integrated permits, green certificates
  • Strategies, organization, management€ electricity sales/purchase, decision support, company organization, management system designs and models, investment portfolio analyses and management, outsourcing, reengineering, strategic plans of activity, logistics and production designs and analyses

The orientation of the company is to maintain a leading position in the Polish market for energy, as well as to expand its activities in new emerging foreign markets.

As EPC has limited experience in applying for European funds and in running European projects, it is interested in working as a junior partner within the framework of any European project in a field of energy.

Target audience:

  • Electric network companies
  • Power generation companies
  • Foreign enterprises entering to power industry in Poland
  • Investors
  • State and regional administration
  • End-users e.g. industrial energy consuments