V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Podlaska Agencja Zarządzania Energią


Podlaska Agency for Energy

General Info

The main objective of the Podlaska Agency for Energy is to promote rational use of energy. The Agency will take activities aimed at rationalization of production, distribution and utilization of energy and promotion of renewable energy sources. One of the main tasks of the Agency is to provide expertise and advice to costumers and local authorities in order to promote appropriate RES and RUE technologies. Agency will realize "light projects", it means that funds can not be used for example, to build a boiler or energetic installation.

Activities include:

  • Support the local Authorities in promoting the rational use of energy and in formulating energy plans
  • Promote of the European network specialized in controlling of the energy and safeguard of the environment
  • Benchmarking and exchange of experience with local and external experts
  • Promotion of question related with environmental protection
  • Creation of information center for rational use of energy
  • Facilities of information through internet in relation to union policy in range of management energy and environmental protection €Information about external, possible sources of sponsorship for operations and projects from helpful centers
  • Cooperation with European agencies
  • Correction of energy proficiency and promotion of RES
  • Search for optimal conditions of supplies energy in region
  • Management energy as basic foundation of sustainable development in region
  • Search for solutions of problems concerning pollution and proper utilization of energy stock