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RWTH-Aachen University

LTT - Chair of Technical Thermodynamics

General Info

LTT, the research group for energy system development, works on theoretical analysis and optimisation of energy systems. This includes the analysis and evaluation of both single components, as for example a micro gas-turbine, and of complete systems, as a combined heat and power plant. Different software systems are being developed (for example TOP-Energy), which are able to optimise the structure and parameters of an energy supply system for a given energy demand, and are also able to model and simulate the dynamical behaviour of the components to design control systems.

Further, the ecologic influence of the different energy systems are in the focus of the company's analysis, in the context of the EU emissions trading scheme a procedure is being developed to evaluate the energy and CO2 emissions intensities of selected installations using product based reference values.

Areas of expertise: advice on specific energy issues, energy auditing, promotion of technology, energy efficiency in industry and buildings and CHP.