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Verbundplan GmbH

General Info

Verbundplan GmbH believes that it is Austria's leading engineering and consulting firm, with core competencies in the fields of energy, environment, infrastructure and management. For over 40 years, Verbundplan has been providing its services to various clients worldwide, and the wide-ranging expertise of its staff enables it to offer sustainable solutions for complex consultancy projects.

Verbundplan's broad range of activities include all design and consulting services for:

  • hydro-electric and thermal power plants
  • planning and installation of electrical plant and equipment
  • high and extra-high voltage grids
  • tunnelling and underground structures
  • geotechnical and material engineering
  • environmental engineering and waste management
  • water management and environmental protection
  • construction and project management
  • energy and grid management
  • technical assistance and training
  • carbon consulting

Customers include public and private investors, governments, banks and international organisations, as well as companies in the energy sector and the construction and plant engineering industries.