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EkoWATT, RES and EECentre

General Info

EkoWATT is a leading Czech advisory and auditing company. EkoWATT's mission consists in supporting the efficiency and the efficient exploitation of renewable energy resources.

EkoWATT carries out the following activities in particular:

  • Environmental education focusing on efficient use of energy
  • Awareness-raising amongst the general public. Information and publishing activities.
  • Assistance to energy-efficient projects and projects concerning renewable sources of energy.
  • Commissioning and elaboration of expert studies on energy and environmental issues, energy policy documents, energy audits, and feasibility studies.

Areas of expertise: energy auditing, feasibility studies, energy and economic analyses of energy management for clients from the ranks of industry, agriculture, undertakers, services, owners of the public and residential buildings, energy efficiency in buildings, small wind farms, solar energy, etc.

Target audience: National institutions and non-profit organizations, foreign and international institutions and research centres, towns and municipalities, schools and hospitals, research institutes, housing associations and real estate owners, sole traders, firms, agricultural and industrial enterprises, architects and designers, general public.