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Qe2 - Quantock Energy & Environment

General Info

Quantock Energy & Environment (Qe2) provides consultancy support in the areas of sustainable transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and how these relate to the issues of local air quality management, climate change and the use of natural resources. These interrelated issues are at the core of the environmental agenda for both public sector and private sector organisations.

Policy and strategy development: support to local authorities in the development of air quality action plans, local transport plans, energy strategies and community development strategies.

Technology assessment and evaluation: assessment and evaluation of new transport, energy and environmental technologies and schemes:

  • Environmental impacts
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Behavioural and social impacts
  • Institutional and economic issues
  • Operational assessments

Project management and support: the development of funding bids for research, development and demonstration projects. Management of research and demonstration projects covering cost and resource management, and client liaison.

Facilitation, consultation and partnership building: ability to identify and pull together key actors to promote action and facilitate the generation of new ideas and solutions.

Target audience: Consultancy work for local authorities, national government, local groups and private organisations working.