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CJP - Centre forr Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel

General Info

The aims of the Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals include:
  • Establishment of perennial oil-bearing plants (Jatropha curcas L.) on marginal lands and field boundaries.
  • Effective utilisation of plant parts, oil and oil cakes at domestic, farm, village and commercial scales to stimulate a demand for the resources and related technology.
  • Introduction of engine driven oil expelling and related technology fuelled on the seed oil of Jatropha curcas L. as a pilot/ demonstration plant.
  • Marketing and the establishment of rural enterprise.
  • Dissemination.
  • Evaluation of the potential of other oil bearing flora as fuels.
  • To reduce the dependence of the Indian economy on imported oils, fuels.
  • To mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.
  • To be the leading producer feedstock for Biodiesel and empowering rural communities for growing energy solutions
  • To empower rural communities out of Poverty through commercial, renewable and sustainable Agro-forestry assets
  • Promotion and development of jatropha for rural farmers for fuel and food

Areas of expertise: premier cultivator and promoter of jatropha plants for future fuel and farmers well being.

Target audience: Rural farmers, rural communities, women, rural enterprises.