REA, Sala

Regionálna energetická agentúra, Šaľa

Regional energy agency, Sala

Energy Agency

Year created: 2001 No of staff: 2

Sources of Funding

10% - Regional
20% - Local
10% - Private
60% - In-house

Partizánska 20
SK-927 01
Slovak Republic

421 31 770 3646
421 31 771 2838

Web site:

Primary contact

President Karol Miklos

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General Info

The aims of REA - Regional Energy Agency Sala - Galanta are to promote rational use of energy and renewable energy sources through the following actions:
  • increase public energy awareness
  • provide energy counselling to public and to small and medium enterprises develop environmental and energy education at primary schools
  • decrease energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • organise seminars, training and workshops
  • process analyses, studies, projects and audits on the field of rational use of energy and utilisation of renewable energy sources

Areas of expertise:

  • dissemination of information
  • energy auditing
  • energy efficiency
  • energy saving
  • solar energy
  • biomass and biogas
  • environmental and energy education at primary schools

Target audience: public, primary schools, towns and villages, small and medium enterprises