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Oekozentrum Langenbruck


CATSE - Center of Appropriate Technology and Social Ecology

General Info

The activities of CATSE - Center of Appropriate Technology and Social Ecology include:
  • Research, development and engineering for appropriate technologies for clean combustion, CHP, H&C and polygeneration of biomass.
  • Medium to small distributed generation.
  • Innovation, P+D and international development cooperation in solar thermal heating, cooling, drying and desalination.
  • Revitalisation and ecopower-certification in small hydropower.
  • Member of BRENET (Swiss Building and Renewable Energy Competence Network).

Areas of expertise:

  • CHP, H&C, biomass combustion systems and heatings: development, testing, emission and efficiency measurement, re-engineering, simulation
  • Solar thermal: development cooperation, innovations, testing and monitoring
  • Dissemination of information, Energy auditing and ecopower certification.
  • Simulation of wood-heaters in buildings.
  • General consultancy in bioenergy and building technology.
  • Educational programs for Energy Awareness (Experience-days for kids and similar).

Target audience:

  • SME and Industry in energy and building sector
  • Public sector in Education, Formation, Science and Technology