Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency of Latvia

Year created: 2002 No of staff: n.a.

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Būvniecības, enerģētikas un mājokļu valsts aģentūras, the Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency of Latvia is a state institution supervised by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia. Enhancing of housing quality, the availability and the opportunities of choice for Latvian citizens is the principal mission of the Agency. The target of the Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency of Latvia is to realize a long-term corporate policy in the housing sphere and integration of Latvian housing policy in the European Union in accordance with EU normative acts in housing sphere.

The agency's main functions are:

  1. To manage state support programs, housing regional, national and cross-border development projects;
  2. To manage methodologically municipalities and other owners in housing maintenance field;
  3. To ensure housing monitoring and communication with target audience;
  4. To improve housing legislative basis and housing quality of Latvian residential stock;

The agency has been active in the housing energy efficiency field since 2003 and has experience of: co-financing and management of energy audits, preparation of a suitable calculation system and form. By this time, we have developed EE calculation tools which are helpful in local conditions, methodologies and a prototype of energy certificate.

The agency is also using thermography methodology as the consultative basis and has a definite experience in this field. At the moment, it is also involved in the preparation of the legislative basis of EPBD.

The Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency of Latvia is also experienced in project implementation. Each year it implements the PPP project "Housing Energy Audits" and summarize the results of it. The agency regularly organizes workshops for housing managers, municipalities and apartment owners on energy efficiency in housing and opportunities offered by producers of heat insulation and building materials, banks etc.

The Agency is coordinating a BSR Interreg III B Programme project "Sustainable Reintegration of Post-soviet Military Residential Areas as a Challenge and Opportunity for Regional Development" (ReMiDo) as a Lead Partner.

It is also participating in the BSR Interreg III B Programme project "Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock" (BEEN) as a project partner responsible for providing the data on energy audits and residential stock in Latvia.

The Construction, Energy and Housing State Agency of Latvia is the Intelligent Energy - Europe national contact for Latvia.