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ETI - Brandenburg Energy Technology Initiative

IHK - Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Also see: www.potsdam.ihk24.de

Potsdam Chamger of Commerce and Industry aims to support all kinds of companies in the energy topic, especially in the fields of energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources.

ETI - Brandenburg Energy Technology Iniative works in the development of innovative and energy saving technologies in Brandenburg. The ETI acts as an informal platform for all actors in the energy sectors. It has partners from research, administrations, business interest groups, and innovative business for joint project development. ETI is active in the newest trends in energy production and saving systems, providing up-to-date information about grants and subsidies for project development. It supports market penetration abroad by means of international partnership forums, business delegation and market specific informal seminars. The ETI works in thematic task groups which are moderated by experts from research and industry. The task groups are open to all individuals with project ideas requiring development support. It provides contacts to partners, investors, and grant suppliers as well as support for market penetration and project realisation. It is also experienced in leading European projects.

Areas of expertise: changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, advice on specific energy issues, promotion of technology, energy efficiency in buildings, CHP, policy making, energy efficiency in SME.

Target audience: citizens, policy makers, SME, communities, administration, companies.