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Mabbett & Associates Ltd

General Info

Mabbett & Associates Ltd (M&A) is a full service environmental consultancy providing integrated consulting, health and safety, and engineering design services to a broad range of manufacturing and commercial industries, institutions and public agencies.

M&A Ltd, part of the Mabbett Group based in Boston, USA, combines technical excellence with comprehensive industry experience. M&A assists its clients to improve their competitiveness, sustainability and profitability, using a client-specific tailored approach implemented by experienced science and engineering professionals. A majority of the firm's work is from repeat clients. Its client portfolio includes such prestigious companies as General Electric, Wyman-Gordon Ltd, the Edrington Group, BAE Systems, Raytheon Systems Ltd, Waukesha Bearings Ltd and LNP Engineering Plastics.

The range of services includes:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consulting,
  • Site Assessment & Remediation,
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)/ISO 14001 Consulting and Training,
  • IPPC Consulting/Environmental Permitting,
  • WEEE/RoHS Consulting,
  • On-site Services,
  • Environmental and Process Engineering,
  • Energy Surveys and Consulting, and
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) approved Training.

In addition, M&A has approved consultants on grant-funded programmes. M&A offer free energy audits to identify saving opportunities through the Action Energy Programme and the firm's Envirowise Helpline advisors offer free waste minimisation audits and advice to eligible companies.

M&A's Energy Consulting Services Division (ECSD) comprises specialists with experience in a wide range of energy systems. M&A possess a full mechanical and electrical engineering services design capability. Its portfolio includes the design, project management and commissioning of a wide range of industrial processes, and new build and refurbishment of domestic, commercial and industrial constructions. Clients include large multinational industrial organisations with complex processes to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with budget constraints, Housing Associations and Councils seeking best value and advice.

Areas of Specific Expertise:

  • Buildings (Environmental) Services
  • Compressed Air
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Heating Systems
  • Solar Energy, LTHW / MTHW / Steam
  • Insulation performance
  • Lighting
  • Management and Control Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Compressed Air
  • Electrical Design
  • Energy Metering and Analysis
  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting
  • Energy Conservation
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Recovery
  • Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control
  • Motors and Drives, incl. Variable Speed Drives
  • Process Instrumentation and Control
  • Pumps and Fans
  • Refrigeration and Cooling
  • Separation Technologies: Permeation, Evaporation, Osmosis, etc.
  • Steam plant (process)
  • Waste as a Fuel
  • Bio-fuel
  • Waste treatment processes

The M&A ECSD team are approved consultants on the United Kingdom Government's Action Energy Service, providing independent advice on energy use and energy management in the built environment and in industrial processes. The approved consultants are named individuals registered on the approved list of contractors held by the Managing Contractor of the Action Energy Service. The purpose of the consultant approval procedure is to ensure that the quality of the service provided is of the highest standard.

M&A services available through Action Energy

M&A professional engineers are approved to provide support under the following Action Energy programmes:

  • Design Advice (DA),
  • Action Energy General Survey
  • Action Energy Detailed Survey.

The Action Energy Service provides free advice for organisations demonstrating a commitment to improving their energy efficiency. The Service provides tailored support on energy efficiency and is provided to organisations (public and private sector) to help them make efficient, sustainable use of energy and to assist in the delivery of UK international climate change commitments.

The aim of Design Advice is to improve the environmental performance of the UK building stock. Free advice is available for new constructions and refurbishment projects having a floor area of 500 m2 or more. The programme offers a one-day free design consultation addressing internal and external environment issues and is followed-up with a brief report setting down the issues and opportunities. A further 30% subsidy is available to undertake more extensive or specialist studies, such as a computer simulation study or an innovative eco-friendly design.

An Action Energy General Survey is a free service generally of two or more day's duration and is available to all UK organizations subject to size and energy spend. The procedure generally consists of spending time on site examining procedures and processes, and discussing issues with management followed by a report outlining opportunities to reduce costs and energy consumption. Where more extensive or specialist studies are required to assist an organisation implement a specific project, a further two days free assistance plus a 50% subsidy for subsequent days is available through an Action Energy Detailed Survey.

Dynamic Simulation

M&A regards simulation as a significant first step in the design process whether the project is a house or a large complex process or facility. Simulation enables performance to be established before critical design decisions are taken, enabling best value performance to be obtained. Examples of the types of issue simulation permits M&A to address are:

  • Comparative analyses by building type and characteristics
  • An evaluation of energy performance by different types of construction materials
  • Airflow studies using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • The calculation of accurate heating and cooling profiles
  • Mechanisms to improve Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Energy Ratings
M&A believes that the design process should be a holistic approach. M&A staff are regularly involved as part of design teams as Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineers and to use computational models to evaluate options and establish performance criteria. Results have shown cost savings through minimally and accurately serviced buildings and industrial processes, constructed at reasonable capital cost, using materials with low embodied energy and low environmental impacts, and of course, low operating costs.

Target audience: M&A specialises in providing integrated and multi-disciplinary services to public agencies, educational institutions and many different industry sectors.