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Proactive Energy Management

General Info

Proactive Energy Management sees its mission in scanning, developing and implementing methodologies in order to improve the profitability and effectiveness of operations. Therefore its mission is not limited to technical matters but covers full-integrated management system, involving all stakeholders acting along the Value Creating Chain.

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy / Facility Management (Integrated Energy/Facility Management)
  • Searching and making use of synergies within the chain wastes-heat-cold and e-power. (in parallel with the Integrated Energy/Facility Management)
  • Biomass, Biogas, Biomethanisation, Gasification & Pyrolysis and other valuable uses.
  • Reduction of the global cost impact of the facilities on the product (core-business)
  • Management approach based on "Lean Thinking", "Six Sigma", etc.

See: www.pr-en-ma.com/services.htm and www.pr-en-ma.com/ConsultInEnMa_EN.htm

Target audience: all industry and building users.