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Energy Valley Foundation

General Info

Energy Valley public and private parties have joined hands to enable the energy-related activities in North Netherlands (Noord-Nederland) to grow into a cluster of national and international import. The aim is to strengthen the economy and employment in North Netherlands by deploying the energy activities in an optimal way.

By its nature the north has the conditions available that give Energy Valley a solid basis: a large number of activities related to petroleum and natural gas and alternative forms of energy, as well as a concentration of knowledge of energy and the energy business.

So Energy Valley is founded on three cornerstones:

  • Development of sustainable energy;
  • Expansion of the knowledge infrastructure;
  • Stimulating energy-related business activities.

Governments, knowledge institutes and business together provide the detailed structure of Energy Valley. To see this through, the Energy Valley Foundation has been created. In consultation with the parties involved the organisation marks out the strategic course for the three cornerstones, and monitors the connections and harmonisation between the various initiatives. The organisation has the task of creating the right preconditions to enable public and private initiatives to succeed. The organisation plays a stimulating and supporting role for the companies and institutions that together form Energy Valley. In this way a broad and integrated cluster of activities must come into existence that contributes to the economic development of the north of the Netherlands.