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Department of Chemical Engineering


Faculty of Engineering of Ankara University

General Info

Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL), Anorganic/Organic Technology Research Laboratory (ATEKLAB) in addition to the others of Faculty of Engineering of Ankara University (ANKU) are devoted mainly to the processing of the organic wastes (biomass wastes) namely plastics, waste sludge of conventional wastewater treatment and agricultural residues to produce renewable energy sources (H2, liquid hydrocarbon fuels) by using flash/catalytic free-fall and fluidized bed pyrolysis and combustion/gasification systems. On the other hand, the research efforts are undertaken on the utilisation of boron compounds in relation to the hydrogen and fuel cells. Department of Chemical Engineering, previously known as Institute of Industrial and Technical Chemistry of Faculty of Sciences (1943) has been involved longtime in fossil fuel energy research mainly in supercritical extraction of oil shale, coal and wood with an renowned expertise.

Panel Member of Vision 2023 Foresight Project of TUBITAK (NCP) on Energy and Natural Resources

Areas of expertise: Dissemination of information, consulting activities as experts on process engineering problems.

Target audience: Local in-service professionals of SMEs, public authorities.