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AEE - Association of Energy Engineers

Cluj Napoca Romanian Chapter

General Info

The mission of the Association of Energy Engineers - Cluj Napoca Romanian Chapter is to promote energy efficiency and environmental protection in Romania through information, professional development, and support to private energy service companies.

The Association's purpose:

  • To promote the scientific, educational and commercial interest of those engaged in energy management.
  • To advance by all means within Romanian laws the purposes of AEE members and to promote rational energy management.
  • To support the development of private Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and promote their involvement in the Romanian economy.
  • To foster the implementation of state-of-the-art energy and environmental technologies and methodologies in Romania.

Areas of expertise:

  • dissemination of information
  • advice on specific energy issues
  • energy auditing
  • promotion of technology
  • energy efficiency in industry and buildings
  • CHP
  • insulation
  • changing citizens' behaviour

Target audience: All of those engaged in energy management, rational use of energy in a clean environment:

  • professionals
  • private energy service companies
  • local authorities
  • students
  • industry
  • energy producers and users