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Aflops - Association of Forest Producers

General Info

The aims of Aflops are:
  • to implement the rational use of energy, to raise the carbon mitigation through sustainable forest management,
  • to decrease the emission of GEEs to the atmosphere,
  • to raise the income of the rural population,
  • to decrease the dependency of Portugal from external energy sources through the utilization of the huge energy potential from its endogenous renewable sources.

Its objectives are:

  • implementation of successful experiences on the field of energy production through renewable resources utilization,
  • implementation of structures and logistics for the energy production by means of renewable resources and the raise of the utilization of this kind of energy,
  • development of environmental management plans for rural areas according to the sustainable criteria

Areas of expertise: changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, advice on subjects like nature conservation, forest certification and sustainable management, biomass and energy crops, implementation of projects concerning all the previously referred issues, creation of business oportunities concerning these matters.

Target audience: The associates of Aflops, the scientific and technical actors, the energy, transportation and industry sectors, the governmental actors and decision makers, enterprises and general public.