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Hungarian Geological Survey

General Info

The duties of the Hungarian Geological Survey are:
  1. government agency running the national mineral resources, including fossil fuel and geothermal energy assessment and inventory program;
  2. a professional regulatory authority acting on regional and national level, involved in licensing procedures of widest spectrum, such as environmental, mining, spatial planning, nuclear, water management affairs;
  3. the national archive of geoscientific and extractive industries data;
  4. geoscience research.

Its objectives are related to the above duties and the resulting areas of expertise below. Areas of expertise:

  • fossil fuel and geothermal energy resources assessment and inventory
  • regulatory and legislation practices on both regional, national, and supranational (EU) level
  • economic barriers and drivers in the sustainable or enhanced utilisation of traditional or renewable energy sources
  • cross-cutting issues and topics of horizontal, interdisciplinary nature (i.e. regulatory roundtables, policy-making consultation etc.)

Target audience:

  • national agencies and ministries in charge
  • regional authorities and decision-making bodies
  • local public reached by our regional officies
  • EU Community-level institutions