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Sustain Consult Ltd

General Info

Sustain Consult is a specialist consultancy set up to bridge the construction industry's knowledge gap and understanding of the ongoing impact of "climate change" and how carbon emissions can be reduced through very simple strategies. Sustain Consult is able to offer a range of complementary services at every stage of a project's life cycle, these are:
  • sustainable building design
  • low energy sustainable construction specification
  • renewable energy options
  • carbon neutral policies and methodologies
  • environmental management plans & statements
  • design statements
  • green traffic plans
  • sustainability plans & statements
  • environmental impact assessment
  • risk & whole life cycle assessments
  • legislation compliance

Sustain Consult€s ethos is one of collaboration with all members of the project team, while championing low energy sustainable construction through the principles of the 4 Rs - as demonstrated on the company website.

Areas of expertise:

  • Chartered/Registered architect
  • Low energy sustainable construction methods
  • specifying renewable energy sources
  • carbon neutral construction
  • designing energy efficient buildings using
  • renewable energy sources, passive solar gain and positive stack ventilation systems
  • the effective use of recycled building materials

Target audience:

  • Local Government
  • Builder Contractors
  • Social Housing Agencies
  • Other professional consultancies
  • Corporate commercial bodies