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Vantaan Energia Oy

Vantaa Energy Ltd

General Info

The aims of Vantaan Energia Oy are:
  • Efficiency and sustainability of energy production and distribution.
  • Comprehensive fulfilment of requirements of their clients.
  • Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility concept in business of municipal energy utility.
  • Considering environmental issues in core business, the company carries out all energy production, transfer and distribution with as little stress on the environment as possible.
  • Developing production methods that use renewable energy sources, like biogas, wind energy, etc.
  • Development of investment activities in foreign energy markets, international energy trading.
  • Development of the Green-House-Gas emissions trading and work-out of mechanisms of the Joint Implementation.

The company aims to strengthen transnational networking cooperation of all stake-holders in energy related field.

Areas of expertise:

  • Project management.
  • Training in energy efficiency.
  • Dissemination (the company has established an international energy saving portal).
  • Advice and audit in operation and maintenance of regional energy systems.
  • CHP.
  • Tariff regulation.
  • EU and national regulation in energy efficiency.

Target audience: Energy Associations, Energy utilities, Housing Associations, Authorities