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Community Energy Plus


General Info

Community Energy Plus promotes sustainable development for the benefit of the public by:
  • The advancement of the education of the public in energy conservation and efficiency.
  • The conservation of the environment through the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • The conduct of research relating to the utilisation of energy conservation practices and technologies and making available the useful results of such research to the public.

Areas of expertise:

  • Fuel poverty (education/ advice/ policy/ research)
  • RES and RUE advice to consumers, community groups, schools, municipalities and businesses.
  • Retrofitting of RES and RUE measures in residential buildings (over 25,000 homes improved)
  • Education and Skills (focus on ages 14 to 19 years and meeting the emerging needs of business)
  • Sustainable communities (training, planning, community engagement, technical support, RES, Revolving Funds)
  • Sustainable Transport advice, education and awareness raising.