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Community Energy Plus


General Info

Community Energy Plus promotes sustainable development for the benefit of the public by:

a) The advancement of education of the public in the conservation and efficient use of the world’s resources, so as to further the protection of the world's climate systems and to address the consequences of a rapidly changing climate;
b) The conservation of the environment through the promotion of resource and energy efficiency and the utilisation of renewable energy resources;
c) The conduct of research relating to sustainable development, practices and technologies;
d) The relief of poverty and the preservation and protection of health, particularly, but not exclusively, through the promotion of resource efficiency in the use of energy, water, food, waste, transport and income maximisation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Local Energy Markets
  • Community owned renewable energy
  • Fuel poverty (education/ advice/ policy/ research)
  • Energy storage
  • Smart energy
  • Sustainable energy solutions for heritage buildings and protected landscapes (e.g. churches, conservation areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty etc.)
  • RES and RUE advice to consumers, community groups, schools, municipalities and businesses.
  • Retrofitting of RES and RUE measures in residential buildings (over 26,000 homes improved)
  • Education and Skills (focus on ages 14 to 19 years and meeting the emerging needs of business)
  • Sustainable communities (training, planning, community engagement, technical support, RES, Revolving Funds)
  • Sustainable Transport advice, education and awareness raising.