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ATZ Entwicklungszentrum

General Info

ATZ Entwicklungszentrum is an independent research organisation located in Bavaria focusing on processes and materials for Energy Technology. Organised as a non-profit public foundation our committee members are stakeholders from academia, industry and public authorities.

Our international research activities are based on two columns: process engineering and materials engineering. We are developing innovative concepts for energy production from biomass and waste. Our engineers, scientists and technicians are working on the optimization of the whole process chain including fuel composition and its combustion characteristics, power plant technology as well as flue gas cleaning, post combustion etc.

The departement of materials engineering focusses on materials and surface coatings used in thermal conversion processes. The development of functional layers for applications in energy technology provides solutions for wear and corrosion problems, a major issue in many power generating facilities especially regarding co-firing.

ATZ Entwicklungszentrum has a proven track record in international project cooperation. Our research contributes to the improvement of productivity, reliability and economic efficiency of power plants and leads to a reduction of the environmental impact.

Areas of expertise: Our main research topics are: Thermal Process Engineering - combustion/gasification; generation of hot gases; treatment of process gases; burner technologies; Biological Process Engineering - biogas, bio-ethanol, treatment of process water, cleaning of biogas, pre-treatment of organic residues. Functional Layers - development of thermally sprayed layers; process development thermal spraying, process diagnostics; pre-/small series coating. Powder materials - development and production of special powders; melt atomization processes; development of alloys, powder treatment (classification, granulation).