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The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System


General Info

Seavac's purpose is the development of The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System (US Patent 6863028).

It seeks to build a consortium of experts and interested partners for the financial and ecological benefit of those who developed the system, and the world as a whole. Drawing, as the patent does, on the fields of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion), tidal/hydroelectric technology, aquaculture, wet biomass filtration and conversion, wave and wind power, and the large scale catalyzing of water into oxygen and hydrogen, Seavac will coordinate academic, industrial and engineering professionals€ research of the various subsystems. Although there are many technological hurdles to overcome and the cost will be large, a few things are certain about a Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System: the potential output is in the terawatt range, due to economies of scale; cost decreases relative to output of all subsystems as the system grows in size; it is a carbon dioxide sink!

As long as the earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth, power will be produced by this system. Seavac wishes to conduct all policy in an ethical and ecologically sensitive manner. As with any utilization and proprietorial closing of territory held in common trust, there are those who will lose traditionally held rights. Seavac hopes that by the adoption of this technology, the marine environment will, like the land, have areas which can be used intensively for humanity, reducing the over exploitation that is currently occurring in the ocean as a whole. Seavac believes that the Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System is the first serious alternative to traditional fossil fuels and nuclear power that can meet the demands of the growing world economy for the twenty first century and beyond.

Target audience: Academics,Engineers, Institutions, Governments, Multinationals

Areas of expertise: Hybrid tidal barrage/OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) with wet biomass conversion. The Tidal Irrigation and Electrical System (US Patent 6863028).