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Tekniker Foundation

General Info

The TEKNIKER technology centre is based in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, which has been a predominantly industrial town since the mid 19th century. Mission: TEKNIKERs ultimate purpose is to help companies become more competitive through technological research, development and innovation.

Specialist fields: TEKNIKER specialises in design and manufacturing technologies, i.e. all areas concerned with products, processes, production machinery, handling (capital goods) and all-round management of product life-cycles. A recent strategic decision has led TEKNIKER to move also towards being a centre for micro-manufacturing and precision engineering. Although TEKNIKER works in many areas of industry we normaly work most closely to those involved with manufacturing production and certain emerging areas which are growing up around revolutionary new technologies.

Regarding Renewable energies:

  • TEKNIKER has designed systems, developed simulation models, produced sensors and implemented complete monitoring systems for some of the biggest Spanish companies in the Wind energy sector.
  • TEKNIKER has long experience in developing biodiesel as well as environmentally friendly formulations of lubricants, fluids, and coatings.
  • TEKNIKER has also expertise in functionalizing, activating and modifying surfaces (in a mechanical, chemical or physical way). This is particularly interesting for solar thermal equipment (low or high temperature) where absorption, transparency, reflectivity or auto cleaning properties are required.
  • On the other hand, TEKNIKER is involved in high speed flywheel developments and in those technologies related with them (i.e. TEKNIKER has been working for the last 5 years in the development of magnetic bearings producing industrial products like high speed spindle). At this moment, TEKNIKER is involved in a program for developing high speed flywheels for UPSs including magnetic bearings.
  • TEKNIKER has also experience in developing (designing, modelling and manufacturing) mechatronic systems for different applications as well as advanced microsystems for movements control (high speed, ultra-precision).

Areas of expertise: Wind turbine, Solar thermal energy, flywheel, Energy storage, Design, Simulation, Mechatronics, Surface coatings.

Target audience: Industries and Research centres interested in developing technology and equipments for novel renewable energy solutions.